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Presenting the first of it's kind.

Blue Premium Packages brings a new age experience through the creative mind of Wally Champ.

With complete creative control, the standard is set.


What’s included




Hand made shoe bags

Hand crafted luxury box


All base shoes provided are 100% Authentic. Guaranteed. 


File Submission

It is the clients responsibility and extremely important that you review and spell check your final draft. All files submitted will be used as is.


Recommended Files.

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, PNG, PDF, Tiff, JPEG.

Vector files preferred.

300 resolution is strongly recommended. Minimum 150 resolution.



A deposit of 35% is required. Deposit is NON-Refundable. ALL SALES FINAL

Upon your purchase you will receive a design call within 48 hrs to further discuss details of the project

and turnaround time.

**Total balance will be adjusted for specially priced shoes.

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