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Award winning artist Wally Champ is a San Pedro native of Los Angeles. An entrepreneur, a creator, an artist with a passion and determination. Influenced by the streets of L.A., the Hip Hop culture, Graffiti Art, basketball and the unfortunate gang violence, Wally quickly realized the power through Art. In 2014 he made one of the hardest decisions in his life. With everything to lose and nothing to fall back on, he sacrificed everything, quite his job and was determined to go into business for himself to pursue his goals and dreams. Now known for his Artwork on sneakers, shoes is not his only canvas. From kicks to murals and everything in between, the world has become his canvas. His hard work and meticulous personality, has earned him sponsorships with Angelus Direct, Sole Protector and winning the notable BET Award, sneaker custom competition. Also having the pleasure of designing pieces for notable recording artist, NBA, NFL & MMA athletes alike, Wally will continue to explore the unknown and break new bounderies.  Be Undeniable.

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